The EVO open source team is no typical team.

We create technology transformation at speed. We bring the disruptive thinking needed to grow your business. And unparallelled open source enterprise expertise to make it happen. On Day One. Open Source Evolution (OSE) is one of the main enterprise catalysts for the open source movement. Its solutions pioneer in the development of disruptive Open Source technologies as well as other technological ventures.

Jim Truong

Chief Executive Officer
Jim Truong has been one of the pioneers of the Linux movement in its infancy stage...

Eren Niazi

Over 24 years ago, around the age of 18, Eren Niazi had a vision. His vision was for a world…

Rafael Bracho

Technical Advisor
Dr. Rafael Bracho is currently serving as the Technical Advisor for OSE

Sasha Firsov

Director of System Engineering
Sasha been fascinated in programming and hardware to the level of obsession

Sergey Yershov

Director of System Integration
For the past 18 years Sergey Yershov has been a dedicated IT professional...