Sergey Yershov

Director of System Integration

Sergey Yershov is a deep subject matter expert in the use of open source for government solutions.

Sergey has been a dedicated IT professional in various technical and administrative roles for the past 18 years. He has been a team lead and a very hands on developer.

Sergey’s main focus is strong, innovative and efficient delivery of enterprise solutions. He has worked across a wide spectrum of frameworks and technologies. A significant portion of his expertise has been in the local and federal government space, where he has had to manage multiple legacy systems, consolidate and automate business processes, and greatly reduce costs. He understands the power open source can bring to these common technology problems.

Sergey actively contributes to open source projects and platforms, such as OpenFrameworks, as well as volunteering his time and knowledge to non-profit organizations. His passion is at the intersection of open source, machine learning, and vision. His commitment to open source led to the co-founding of PercepReal LLC, which explores unique approaches to modeling and perceiving augmented reality.

Sergey is also a classically trained musician who is a leading advocate for free music notation and online collaboration platforms.