Agile Development

A cornerstone of the open source way.

Agile Development

EVO provides industry-leading, proven open source development for your enterprise. EVO services are used today in entertainment, government, technology, and consumer industries. From the Department of Defense to Google – open source is here to stay and it is solving some of the most complex technology challenges out there. Proprietary single source solutions can be limiting in terms of keeping pace with a rapidly changing world, customization and exorbitant cost.

We offer a range of solutions to fit your business needs and can build using open source from the ground up — from informed architectural design to a fully working application or system. We’re here to help you solve your most complex business challenges with our deep open source expertise.

What sets EVO apart from the competition is our dedicated team. A team that knows intimately how to harness the power of open source for the enterprise, build robust architectures for the future, and flawlessly execute. We have industry open source legends on EVO’s team. You’ll have access to this seasoned talent pool and we’ll be committed to your business outcome. If we’ve done it for Facebook, we can do it for you.