About Us

A premier team of open source
architects + developers.
At your fingertips.

OSE is a premier technology company with deep open source expertise. We create technology transformation at speed. We bring the disruptive thinking needed to grow businesses. And the unparallelled open source enterprise experience to make it happen. 

We make an impact on Day One.
We are one of the main enterprise development catalysts within the open source movement. 

Our solutions pioneer disruptive open source technologies and emerging technologies — in real-time.
We are a technology company for today, tomorrow, and whatever the future may hold.

Choose open source. Choose OSE.


In an age where innovation and technology are rattling business models in every industry, many organizations do not have the resources to develop the needed comprehensive in-house solutions. Or the proprietary software being used is expensive, nimble, and can’t help companies quickly flex to meet the needs of the market.

Enter EVO.

We offer more than just experience in technology, we provide a well-rounded team of open source experts who can analyze your challenges and build a solution to help you win. If you want to surpass your competitors with game changing technology, stay nimble and drive down enterprise costs, you need EVO. From complex migration to cross platform integration, we can help evolve your technology needs to keep pace with a dynamic, technologically driven world.

Quality Mindset

There is good code and bad code. In a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, quality matters. The quality code and architecture EVO builds will meet your current needs and future needs. This is significant when you want to add new features, cross platform integrations, or make updates as technology evolves. EVO’s software solutions deliver functions and rich feature sets that are built to specification, as well as being scalable, reliable, and robust. And we have been engaged in the open source community since its infancy. We are committed to helping you win with open source.